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From : Keith Matthew
OMEGA HEALING MP3 Sampler - Dr. Roy Martina is Helping People Heal Worldwide!
Omega Healing is a new revolutionary healing system that uses the power of the mind to heal and prevent disease. Dr. Roy Martina utilizes the most effective strategies of acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki and many other techniques to create a system that operates on the basis of synergy.
Omega Healing Audio 1 introduces you to the regulator: it is the part of your brain that controls / regulates the autonomous nervous system, the subconscious system and all the metabolic processes of your organs.
This means that it controls how you are aging - everything to do with your hormones, blood, dreams, regeneration, secretions, immune system, DNA etc.

You'll learn how you can connect to your regulator, how you can train and reprogram it for success, vitality and a long and healthy life!
Value = $29.95

From : Bill

17 Natural Foods That Deliver Awesome Health
Discover the 17 Natural Foods That Deliver Awesome Health and Burn Fat At The Same Time. This report contains easy-to-implement tips to help keep you in top shape, full of energy and looking young.
• Find out which vegetables are so low in calories you actually burn more than you consume
• Learn the amazingly simple steps I personally took to shed 30 lbs in just a few short months after my divorce
• Find out how you're just a few months from looking and feeling great with nothing more than slight alterations in your eating habits and a decent pair of shoes
Value = $47.00

From : Nico

Get The Jump: Young & Fit
If Your Teen Is Over Or Under Weight And Spends Most Of Their Time On The Couch There Is A Little Known Routine That Can Quickly, Easily And Safely Help Them Lose Or Gain Weight, Get Strong and Bulk Up.
Value = $37.00

From : Bill White

Juicing For Health
How To Get Started Juicing For Health!
Why juicing can help you get healthier by providing higher quality nutrition in a way that you'll actually want to get it.
Which juicing methods and machines are the best and why.
Excellent juicing recipes for general or specific benefits.
Value = $37.00

From : Bill White

Secrets To Vibrantly Youthful Skin
How To Have Vibrantly Youthful Skin.
Discover the critical vitamins for youthful, radiantly healthy skin.
The best fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts to promote amazing skin health.
Incredibly simple, natural solutions for cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting your skin.
Value = $47.00

From : Bill White

Fitness Yoga Starter Kit
Learn The Amazingly Simple Secrets To Getting Started With Yoga For Health and Fitness...
The 8 poses that will give you a toned, sculpted, lean and more balanced body.
The unique yoga method that accelerates fat loss and body sculpting.Lose Fat, Get Toned & Feel Great In Just Minutes Per Day!
Value = $47.00

From : Bill White

Honey For Your Health 
Learn The Amazing Health And Beauty Benefits of Natural Honey.
If you aren't including honey in your diet, you're missing out on some incredible health benefits...
Value = $47.00

From : Bill White

Healthy Tech 
How To Leverage Cutting-Edge Apps and Tools to:
Get healthy and stay fit quicker, easier and as conveniently as possible.
Learn where to get many of these resources for low to NO cost.
Accelerate your training so you can spend more time enjoying life instead of spending hours in the gym.
Value = $47.00
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